A bathhouse along the Silver Cascade | Saco Lake, NH
Coordinator Jeremy Ficca | Professor Nick Liadus
Spring 2015 | Carnegie Mellon University

A bathhouse that not only provides serene relief to fatigued hikers, but also preserves the rugged journeys that awaits them in the surrounding landscape. The bathhouse does not envelope all three baths under one roof; the baths are fragmented and separate from one another to create a journey between each baths. This journey acts as an exploration for users within the bathhouse, allowing them to truly appreciate each baths once they reach their final destination.

- Experiential Render -

Rests upon Silver Cascade, a cascade situated near Saco Lake in Carrol, New Hampshire. The nature of the waterfall dictates the placement of each bath as to be minimally invasive of the surrounding flora and fauna. With the bathhouses strategically located afar from automotive routes, the user must travel on foot to reach the bathhouse, making the visit a rewarding and appreciative experience.

- Site Plan -

Each basin is derived from the same material of in-situ concrete, yet carefully designed to suit the different temperatures of the baths, encouraging a particular experience of the user as they slowly interact with the water.

The Tepadarium, being the most comfortable of the three baths, is composed of many steps at various depths, which provide flexibility and plentiful of choices for the user to relax in their own preferred ways.
The Frigidarium has a spiral set of steps which descend into the water, providing a clear direction for the users. The directionality heightens the sensation of the user, preparing them for the icy water that their body is about to be enveloped in.
The Caladarium, a hot water bath, consists of steps into and within the bath that evokes a relaxing ambiance, yet simultaneously encourage users to sit in the bath rather than completely soak in the hot water.

- First Floor Plan -

- Second Floor Plan -

- Tepadarium Section -

- Frigidarium Section -

- Caladarium Section -

The concrete comprised canopy, rests on top of the wodden structure, giving an impression of lightness, quite contrasting to the monolithic presence of the basins. The shape of the canopy is dictated by the changes in height of these wooden structures. Both the canopy's of the Frigidarium and the Caladarium consists of an occulus right above the baths, to maximize the light that illuminates them.

The gap between the canopy and the structure becomes an aperture, and provides light to each of the bathhouse.

- Exploded Axonometric -

- Programmatic Diagram -