A course on making functional & effective web pages | Pittsburgh, PA
Course | 70-196 Publishing on the World Wide Web
Professor Anthony Stanton
Spring 2017 | Carnegie Mellon University

Publishing on the WWW helps students learn to make and publish functional and effective web pages using HTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver, one of the premiere web development software programs. It achieves these objectives through examining a variety of topics related to web publishing including: the design and usability of websites, integration of other media, appropriate use of file formats, and much more. Through exposure to these concepts, students grasp what it takes to make concise artistic decisions to make a compelling website.


LAB 05 | Form making

The assignment:
To make a form containing all of the following elements:

  • Text field
  • Check box
  • Radio box
  • Drop-down menu
  • Text area
  • Submit button

The result:
Learning how to input various form components (such as those listed above) and being conscious of when it is appropriate to use which. Having the skills to structure a coherent form design which flows naturally, allowing ease for user navigation. Introducing the concept of validation language so as to validate the content being placed in the form.

LAB 10 | Hovering technique

The assignment:
To make an HTML photo gallery page with at least six thumbnail images that are clickable/rolled-over. When an image is clicked/hovered over, it should cause a larger image to be displayed in a central window and a caption associated with the image to be displayed beneath it.

LAB 12 | The accordion

The assignment:

  • At least three different preloaded images that are used to form background images when the cursor hovers/clicks on a list of navigation options
  • Each time a different background image is chosen, an associated new heading & textual information appears
  • The change in heading & text information should be triggered by the same cursor action that caused the background image to change
  • The page must contain a sidebar section that has an accordion object with at least three different components