A dog care community | San Francisco CA
Spring 2018 | Paw

Paw was created to foster a community, connecting dog owners to people looking to spend time with dogs. There are multitude of people who wish they could have a dog, but can’t due to time commitment, costs, etc. For every one of those people, there is a dog owner who could use some help taking care of their dog. Currently, the only resource available for such owners are expensive services such as Wag and Rover. But with such companies, you get impersonal, business relationships. On Paw, you develop friendships, not clients. We spread joy through dogs; we believe all dogs should have people nearby who treat them like family.

The design of the website and the app captures the fun, friendly, inviting and safe principles behind Paw. My responsibility was to curate four illustrations that help explain how the app works, and the biggest distinguishing features of Paw. From left to right:

01 | Unlimited dog care from other members, out of kindness
This section is intended to provide assurance for the dog owner. Owners pay a monthly membership fee, whereby they have access to unlimited use of the services. It provides a piece of mind that the person taking care of your dog is doing it out of kindness, whereas members of Wag and Rover are doing to make money.

02 | Bond with your neighbor’s dogs whenever you want
This section is intended for the dog-less person. This is their opportunity to finally get a dog without all the difficulties of actually owning one. We hope these dog carers would eventually feel like an aunt/uncle to their neighbor’s dog.

03 | Meet with all members and offer a $1,000,000 insurance policy
This section touches upon the safety and reliability of Paw members. We intend to meet with all of our Paw members, at the very least over the phone. The insurance covers vet bills, property damage if the dog ruins something, and medical bills in moments an incident occurs to the person taking care of the person.

04 | Our members don’t pay each other for fun experiences
This section reinforces how Paw is unique from other dog care platforms, as members never exchange money. While owners pay a monthly membership fee, the dog carers are not compensated financially, only through sheer happiness of interacting with dogs.