A hoop house designed for the Larimer community garden | Larimer, Pittsburgh PA
Team | Victor Acevedo • Meghan Chin • Rachel Clapper • Aaron Lee • Ethan Young
Coordinator Joshua Bard | Professor Jen Lucchino
Fall 2014 | Carnegie Mellon University

A team collaboration project to design an innovative hoop house for the Larimer community garden to extend its growing season. Portability and ease of assembly were the primary design factors. The design of the structure was also heavily based upon the existing plant life and the projected growth of these plants in the assigned plant bed. Groups were also responsible for preparing documentation to illustrate how their hoop house was assembled. Documentation as such provides the gardener full understanding of the hoop house so that they can correctly utilize it to their own preference.

This hoop house exhibits modularity and a paneling system, successfully fulfilling the portability and ease of assembly criteria. Two of the panels are removable to allow opportunities for ventilation and to provide access for the gardeners.