A marketplace and an agricultural centre | Larimer, Pittsburgh PA
Coordinator Joshua Bard | Professor Jen Lucchino
Fall 2014 | Carnegie Mellon University

Through agricultural means, the Grow Collective centre aims to bring together the community of Larimer. Given a set of programmatic requirements such as a marketplace and a greenhouse, the surrounding context as well as the social dynamics became the deciding factor as to where each program is situated within the site. The marketplace, the most public program of the centre, was placed on the intersection between the two streets. With the Lincoln School directly across the site, parents and guardians can utilize the convenience of the nearby marketplace during their trips to pick their kids up from school. Then through the marketplace, people can view the adjacent green house and the teaching classes, becoming aware of the centre’s programs and so that they can take full advantage of them.

- Exterior Render -

Categorizing each required program [Indoor outdoor market • Greenhouse • Kitchen • Teaching • Office • Equipment storage • Service • Load/Unload] individually and arranging them strategically in a stacking manner. Half levels were incorporated to not only create an interaction but also a connection between the various programs. This playful design aims to draw the attention of children attending the Lincoln school, which in turn attracts a wider audience of parents and relatives towards this urban centre.

- Lower • Ground • Upper Plan -

- Section -

- Planting Diagram -

- Interior Render -