A poster assignment focusing on typography & layout | Pittsburgh, PA
Course | 51-262 Communication Design Fundamentals
Professor Kerry Ishizaki
Spring 2015 | Carnegie Mellon University

The assignment: to create a design system for the project of your choice that is well thought out and crafted, then to create a set of design guidelines, so that someone else could create a new version of your document with different content in the future.

The design system is a database app, accessible through any mobile device. Specializing in the food category, the app was designed to encourage people to eat at regional, authentic places rather than commercial places, so that they are able to immense themselves in the foreign culture they are exploring to the fullest.

The earthy color scheme harmonizes well with the visual and does not hinder the attention towards the visual. The simple grid layout allows ease of navigation through the app, and maximizes the attention drawn to the visuals over any other component of the design system.