A cinematek for the arts & film | East Liberty, Pittsburgh PA
Coordinator Jeremy Ficca | Professor Nick Liadus
Spring 2015 | Carnegie Mellon University

An aesthetic cinematek specifically designed to rejuvenate the once bustling neighborhood of East Liberty, Pittsburgh. This facility maintains a variety of programs, including a theatre, art galleries, and much more. With this in mind, to promote cohesion, all programs stem from the central circulatory node of the complex. Since the theatre is placed on the top level, theatre customers experience the different programs of the cinematek before arriving at their destination. This way the cinematek becomes a dialogue between the circulation and the programs, and how they interact with the circulatory node. The dynamic staircase allows for various spaces and interactions to occur; the staircase blends itself into the program by becoming a part of the program or a hallway. Regardless of these moments, the staircase is unobstructed as it dictates where the programs are situated within the building.

- Interior Render -